From idea to market


The experience gained over these years has taught us that the process from idea to final realization is a challenge full of pitfalls.

We want to make this
journey as

Key phases

A sequence of phases to achieve the success of a project that for us is always unique and distinguishable from any other on the market




Consists of a series of meetings that allows us to understand the extent of your project and its technical and functional requirements.


Transform your material into something measurable and plannable in terms of development time and costs.



Expands on the results of the start phase, defining a User Story Mapping Framework, Information Architecture, and Wireframes.


A detailed functional description of the project so that all parties involved are aligned on the product to be created.



We create a complete, realistic, and identical artifact to the application we will develop.


To have a complete visual representation of the final product with possible prototyping of interactions, where necessary.



The design turns into code using the best technologies and tools to ensure you a high-level result.


To test the final product and validate all its functions, live, through testing mechanisms. All controlled by bi-weekly sprints.



Our work processes always includes a predefined testing phase with bug-fixing activities related, to resolve all issues.


This step allows us to be sure that the developed product is safe and stable, ready to face the market.



The project becomes public. Our support continues for the configuration of the various product sheets.


To bring the processed product to market and make it accessible. We provide a standard 3-month warranty.

We build lasting partnerships

What else we offer

The services we offer guarantee attention to detail and to relationships, because our intention is to build a true partnership with our clients, one that lasts over time.


Our culture is based on transparency, information and sharing. This is why we adopt a methodology that allows constant and clear supervision of the progress of the project.

One shared vision

We take nothing for granted, we ask, we document, until we feel ready to proceed without doubts or uncertainties. Each phase of our work is based on this principle: constantly validating the description of the project together with the client to have a single and shared vision.

A dedicated team

For each project we build a team led by a Project Manager and a Product Owner who are the contact and interface always available to the client.

Skills and experience combined

Mobile app design and development is a fast evolving and highly specialized field. Our passion always pushes us forward, thanks to all the training courses that we follow and that we stage.

Have something for us?

New project, new challange.
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