Our vision

We are the reference partner for the creation of unique digital solutions.

Code and rules but with creativity and passion

Our goals

We design and work closely with you, from project ideation to its launch in stores.

What we can do
for you


UX research and analysis

Development of functional wireframes

Navigation flow definition

High-fidelity graphic mockups

Interactive prototypes

Mobile and web app development

Native and hybrid apps: iOS, Android, Huawei

Web dashboard

Backend and back office development

Wearable and IoT software

Smartwatch and wristband apps

Wearable device apps (smartwatches and wristbands)

Embedded device apps


We work to drive innovation in all economic sectors and we particularly love products that put technology at the service of people.

Our main fields of work are

Health, Wellness & Medical

We design and develop systems that support physical and mental health through the use of digital technology.

This includes the development of applications that communicate via Bluetooth with medical devices available to patients, wearable devices such as smartwatches and activity trackers, telemedicine systems that connect doctors and patients, e-health for accessing online health information, digital therapies such as video psychotherapy, and much more.
We offer innovative solutions to improve people's quality of life through digital health and wellness.

Maurizio Garbarino
Co-founder and Chief Software Architect di Empatica
"E’ stato importante per noi collaborare con Airbag Studio nella progettazione delle nostre applicazioni mobile. Grazie alla loro competenza e esperienza, abbiamo ottenuto un design curato e una user experience di qualità per i nostri utenti finali"

Duilio Macchi
CEO of Amiko
"With the support of Airbag Studio, we designed the 2.0 version of our Respiro mobile application, focusing on the user experience for the patient and following the latest native mobile development guidelines. We integrated this solution into a web management and control system and successfully released it on the Android store."

Home Automation

We have gained experience in digital technology to automate and control living environments and daily activities.

This includes the development of apps for remote control of appliances, security and lighting systems, smart thermostats, and more using Bluetooth or WiFi. Home automation allows for a more efficient and convenient management of household tasks, improving quality of life and offering innovative solutions for a more comfortable and secure environment, becoming increasingly widespread and accessible thanks to the development of increasingly advanced and intuitive apps.

Angelo Primavera
Head Of Department at Urmet Telecomunicazioni SPA
"Abbiamo progettato un'applicazione mobile di integrazione con un nostro nuovo dispositivo e siamo riusciti con Airbag a trovare un partner di fiducia per il design e lo sviluppo"

Raffele di Crosta
CEO di Ksenia
“Con Airbag abbiamo progettato della prima applicazione mobile dedicata ai nostri end-user con l’obiettivo raggiunto di migliorare l’esperienza utente”

Other industries

A wide range of industries use digital technology to enhance their services and products.

This includes the Retail sector for retail sales, the Consumer sector for producing and distributing consumer goods, the Hospitality sector for hospitality and travel, and the Multimedia sector for producing and distributing digital content. These sectors are increasingly leveraging digital technology to improve customer experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and offer innovative solutions to their users. Additionally, the development of apps and other digital technologies is playing a crucial role in the development of these sectors and their ability to adapt to the ever-evolving market demands.

Paolo Sironi
CEO di Intesi
"Insieme ad Airbag Studio abbiamo realizzato un progetto mobile ambizioso. Pur avendo già in Intesi Group competenze di sviluppo interne, la collaborazione è stata utile per co-progettare e sviluppare una soluzione ancora migliore e non da ultimo accelerare la messa in produzione sugli Store"

Sandro Cotza
CEO di Icad Sistemi
"Abbiamo deciso di affidare i nostri nuovi progetti di applicazioni mobile ad Airbag Studio. Volevamo un partner esperto che ci aiutasse a rinnovare e riprogettare le nostre applicazioni per migliorare il servizio che offriamo ai nostri clienti"

From idea to market


The process from idea to market release is a challenge full of pitfalls.

We want to make this journey as streamlined, short and efficient as possible thanks to the experience gained over the years.


Hai un'idea da proporci?

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