Join the team

and start making a difference, from wherever you are.

Join the team

and start making a difference, from wherever you are.


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Join the team and start making a difference, from wherever you are.

What we offer

Making a difference

Become part of a young and motivated team that trusts the candidate and wants to help them have a big impact on projects.

Health insurance

Our company relies on the Mètasalute fund, which provides health coverage (extendable to family members).


Staying up-to-date is crucial in this field, and that's why we provide every team member with a budget of time and money dedicated to self-training to attend conferences, buy books, and explore new technologies. However, it is equally important that this request comes spontaneously and autonomously from the team members themselves, so that it is a necessity and not an imposition.


We work from 9 to 6, but you're free to adjust your working hours as needed. The only constraint we impose is to have at least partial overlap with the team's hours for 6 out of 8 daily hours.

Work tools

Each team member is provided with a state-of-the-art Mac and one or more mobile devices on loan to perform their job to the best of their ability. All licenses for the main tools in the sector are also provided, with the possibility of requesting additional licenses.

Remote work

We believe that office work is an option and not a necessity. That's why we give team members the option to work from wherever they prefer. If they need it, we provide our spaces. During the year, occasional in-person meetings may be requested, which will always be organized in accordance with each individual's commitments.

Feel like family

In addition to technical skills, it's very important that the candidate will also have professional and psychological characteristics such as:


We believe that a passionate professional, in this field, has a public repository or a published app to show off proudly, and we would like to see something like this from the candidate.

Reasoning and learning ability

Based on technical abilities, we expect the candidate to be able to independently solve more or less complex problems and have the motivation and delight of expanding their knowledge by tackling new emerging issues when the situation requires.


The pleasure of working hard until the task is completed to its best, even when facing some challenges, it's an essential skill to have in our team. We look for someone who feels stimulated by achieving results, always aiming for excellence and not settling for the easiest way.

Curiosity and innovation

The love for research, exploration, and testing of new ideas must be part of the candidate's cultural baggage. For this reason we expect to receive spontaneous ideas and suggestions to be included into projects, while at work.

Attention to details and UX

It's very important that the candidate is able to develop applications with a special care for User Experience and that they can independently identify those details that need attention because they will make a difference. We are looking for someone that feels thrilled in realizing a UI or producing a perfect interaction!

Organization and sense of responsibility

We want to be able to delegate responsibilities, whether big or small, regarding team work or our clients. For this reason, we are looking for people that can manage commitments, deadlines, tasks and communications with attention and competence.


We believe that in a team everyone should be prepared to receive feedback and constructive criticism from colleagues and if needed to be ready to get their hands dirty to do that extra mile, necessary to achieve the desired final result.


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